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Man Traveling Along Country Road Sees Frightened Animal Scurrying Through The Trees. When He Approaches The Creature, He Panics And Calls For Backup

December 05, 2017

It all began when one man was driving in the countryside, enjoying the crisp fall air. He knew the roads well and paid close attention to the natural beauty as he drove. But before long, he noticed something that seemed out of place.

He pulled over and peered into the distance through his window, wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him. He could have sworn he saw something move; he waited cautiously for the trees to rustle again. At first, there was no movement, but then - there it was an again!

This time the man knew his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him! He softly opened his door and walked over to the woods. He waited for a moment before he saw the object once more. He walked stealth-like toward the critter and when he finally recognized what was hiding, he gasped!

It was a guinea pig! The man was shocked to see a guinea pig out in the wild. Surely the little guy had escaped from home. He immediately called the RSPCA for backup; he knew the guinea pig wouldn't survive for long out in the wild on its own.

Just then, as he was calling for help to rescue the first guinea pig, he caught a glimpse of the second guinea pig! He couldn’t believe that two guinea pigs had escaped from home and had made it so far out into the country. He was worried that if the RSPCA didn’t show up in time, the critters would escape and he wouldn’t be able to find them again.

Thankfully, rescuers showed up just in time! When RSPCA arrived, they were able to organize a safe and quick rescue. They were just as shocked as the man who had found them, especially since the critters were fairly clean, and there weren’t any homes within miles from the rescue point. How these beloved house pets had escaped so far from home was a mystery to all.

The rescuers placed the guinea pigs in a box and relocated them to the shelter. Once they were in the shelter, they were given some food, water, and warm blankets. Together, the two little lovable guinea pigs are awaiting the arrival of their owners. Thanks to The Dodo for originally reporting on this beautiful story. Hopefully, their owners will be rescued soon so that all of the family can be reunited!

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