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Man Tries Teaching His Pup To Howl. The Noise It Makes Instead Has The Internet Rolling With Laughter

August 22, 2017

When animals are small, it seems as though any and everything they do is utterly adorable. Their curiosity for the great, big world around them is something quite precious to behold. Their little eyes look curiously around, constantly trying to decipher what every little thing around them might be. Sergey Pashkovskiy knows this all too well. He is a wolf breeder who lives in Chelyabinsk, Russia, and he has quite a bit of experience with little baby pups.


Wolf pups are much like little dogs in their behavior and mannerisms when young. Sergey takes great pride in his work and goes above and beyond the call of duty by trying to teach the young the ways of a wolf. In the video below, he’s seen spending a joyous time with a few little pups. Amid the cuddles and playtime, he decides to take things a little further and include a little education into the mix. He starts to howl to teach the little pups to do the same.


At first, they seem quite hesitant and confused about the ruckus he makes with his mouth. Before long, though, they decide to join in on the fun! The little gray wolf pup starts croaking and howling in attempt to imitate Sergey’s howls. It’s impossible to watch without laughing from the pure cuteness! Check out the video below to see it all in action.

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