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Man Turns on Water Hose And Jumps Back in Terror. The Shocking Footage Will Make You Squirm!

February 22, 2018

Most people in the world have an irrational fear of snakes and all things creepy-crawly. That’s why when we stumbled upon this video, we had to post it!

One day, a man walked out to water his yard. Not thinking anything of it, it reached over to turn on his hose.

Just as he turned it on, he jumped back in shock! Immediately, his hose began to expand in the terrifying way imaginable! It looked as though it was one enormous black snake growing uncontrollably! He was terrified!

He couldn’t believe his eyes! He quickly turned the hose off and watched it decompress almost just as quickly has it had expanded. He grabbed his phone to show his wife. Check out the video below to see the shockingly terrifying hose expansion!

Did you think this was scary? It just about scared me half to death! Thank goodness it wasn’t really a snake!


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