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Man Walks Towards Faint Screams Coming From Grass. He Loses His Breathe When He Spots A White Bag In The Distance That Moves On Its Own.

February 20, 2018

One day while a man was walking along a country road, he heard an uncommon sound coming from the tall grass. At first, he brushed the sound off as a bird, but as he kept walking, he knew that he was hearing something that was in great distress.

He called a local animal rescue team in for assistance. Once they arrived, they walked towards the sound and were anxious to discover the creature that was screaming. As the rescuers walked closer, they could tell that the sounds weren’t coming from one creature, but many.

As the rescuers got even closer to the sound, they were confused; they looked all around but weren’t able to see any kind of animal. That’s when the bag in front of them moved! They knew they had found the source of the cries!
What they found next was truly shocking.

There were several puppies left in the bag to die. Some puppies had wandered outside of the bag and a couple others still had their umbilical cords attached. The puppies couldn't have been more than a day or two old.

The rescuers took the babies to the shelter where they were given all the care they needed. The rescuers thanked the man who called in worry, for, without his tip, the puppies would have died out in the cold.

Unfortunately, not all of the puppies survived, however, the ones that did were raised to be healthy and playful pups where they were eventually able to be adopted. Thanks to the man who heard their newborn screams, the puppies are living with loving families of their own.  Check out the video below!


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