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Grammy Award Winning Singer Comes Clean About Tragic Diagnosis And Confirms What Millions Have Been Thinking All This Time

April 11, 2018

Mariah Carey, an international vocal sensation, is coming clean about her tragic and severely disruptive mental health diagnosis with Bipolar II Disorder.

Mariah first learned of her condition in 2001. After being in denial about her diagnosis, Mariah spent years trying to live “normally” with the condition. She wanted to live without medication and therapy, although the years and dramatic episodes have proven that she is no match for the extremely unruly disorder.

Now, 17 years later, Mariah tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that she is taking necessary steps to work with her mental disorder. Now, she manages her Bipolar II diagnosis with medication and therapy.

Bipolar II is less severe than Bipolar I, but still highly disruptive to one’s life. Mariah has been known to have extreme cycles with her moods and energy; she experiences very high creative moments with high energy and then in an instant, she will become extremely depressed and extremely low energy. More often than not, Mariah will experience days of severe depression.

Mariah will live with Bipolar II for her entire life. However, after 17 years of learning how to accept her diagnosis, she’s developed a rather balanced perspective on the matter. She shares “It does not have to define you and I refuse to allow it to define me or control me,” Carey says. “This is just one part that I felt it was time to be able to speak about.”

Mariah’s acceptance has helped her feel more understood and at peace with her diagnosis. Known for random outbursts in the media and in her personal life in the past, Mariah has shared that she works hard to be patient with her diagnosis. However, she can never simply “overcome” depression or her moods, she can only be patient with herself.

Mariah is a 37-time Grammy Award winner and has won more than 80 awards in total. She is incredibly talented with her unbelievable vocal range. She is also a mother of twins. Please keep her in her prayers.


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