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Meghan Markle’s Sister Spins Out Of Control With Heinous Accusations. Now, Many Feel She’s Taken It Too Far

July 24, 2018

Now that Meghan Markle is a full-fledged royal, she’s gaining popularity at a rapid speed. Her beauty, grace, and poise are only a few reasons why the public loves her so dearly.

Unfortunately, there are a few people that have been in a continual tizzy from the moment she said “I do,” and those people are the ones you’d least expect - family.

Once Meghan began garnering “royal” attention, her estranged half-sister, Samantha Grant, has made it her mission to ride Meghan’s coattails and get in on a bit of the publicity action herself.

The 53-year-old has done her very best to make a name for herself simply because she shares the same father as the Duchess of Sussex. She’s taken to many public platforms to spread her nonsensical opinions on Meghan, and people are beginning to get fed up with it.

She’s even gone as far as to blatantly admit that she’s trying to “cash in” on the whole scenario.


Fox News states Grant’s dialogue from a visit to Good Morning Britain: “I’ve worked in media most of my life and in broadcasting. So because my sister is suddenly royal isn’t grounds for me to stop doing all of that. Let’s face it, we all have to survive. Money makes the world go round, so if you want to call that cashing in, that’s fine.”

She continued her preposterous rant, completely contradicting her initial statement: “But I think no one in media would refuse a paycheck for talking about the royals and as a family, we’re not subject to royal protocol, certainly here in America. If you want to call it cashing in, I think that’s a bit ridiculous.”



After a bit, she went on to discuss it more. “We’re each individuals with our own life experience. With all due respect, it’s not just Meg; We’re entitled to share that, we’re entitled to be open about it, if we can shed some light on some issues for the public, then great. We can enjoy the process. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not disparaging; it’s not harmful.”

This isn’t the first time she’s made mention to making profits off her royal sister’s fame, and it doesn’t appear that she’s one bit remorseful over it either.

The Duchess has kept silent over the chaos that continues to brew from her sister, showing a great deal of restraint and class. Hopefully, her sister will tire of the endless charades and rants and realize that her words are causing more harm than good for everyone involved.

What do you think about this? Do you think the Royal family should put a stop to Samantha’s never-ending publicity stunts?


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