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Mary Kay Letourneau Officially Ends Marriage To Vili Fualaau; Here’s Why The Infamous Couple Is Finally Calling It Quits

March 28, 2019

Is this really the end of one of the most infamous marriages in modern day history?

Mary Kay Letourneau dramatically entered into an intimate relationship with her six-grade student, then 12-year-old Vili Fualaau. Their illegal relationship stumped the world, and despite Letourneau was sentenced to more than 7 years in prison for child rape and being registered as a child sex offender, the couple remained engaged in a relationship.

Letourneau twice became pregnant with Fualaau’s children before he was 15. And while much of the world was horrified and stunned by the nature in which the family came together, they married in 2005 and quietly settled down in King County, Washington. From 2005 to 2017, the couple appeared to be happy as their raised their daughters, Georgia and Audrey, together.

Despite their 12 year stint of what seemed like a happy life in Washington, Vili filed for separation in 2017. However, just months after filing for separation, they decided to drop the plans to separate. Letourneau, 57, and Fualaau, 35, remained living together in Washington and would be spotted out together in the Seattle area.

Now, less than two years after Vili’s initial request for separation, PEOPLE confirms “that the couple has resumed private arbitration to end their marriage — and a source close to the couple says that it seems to be real this time.” According to PEOPLE, a legal filing with the King County Superior Court states “that the couple is moving forward with private arbitration to finalize the split. A source close to the couple also confirms to PEOPLE that the couple is seeking to end their relationship.”

The same source tells PEOPLE, “They really gave it the old college try. They have a long history with two kids, but it really seems to have run its course. They worked really hard to fix things, but it still fell apart. The reconciliation just didn’t work.”

But will this be another smoke show? Given the nature of Letourneau and Fualaau’s relationship, they will likely always have a bond. Family friend, Anne Bremner, says “This developed into something deep,” family friend Anne Bremner said. “They went through this gauntlet of celebrity and scandal. I give them a lot of credit. They will always have a bond.”

While that may be true, the relationship might finally be at it’s end. Regardless, we hope the children are treated with the utmost priority during this season.

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