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Massive Ocean Waves Crush Drowning Dog As Hero Woman Dives Into Freezing Water To Save Him!

March 09, 2018

A small dog finds himself at the mercy of the mighty ocean as he tries desperately to fight against the raging current.

With each small stroke of his paws, the waves crash over his little body dragging him further and further out to sea.

The waves tower over him and all hope seems lost. The Ocean will claim another and there is nothing that can be done.

Suddenly a woman charges down the beach as the water recedes for a moment. Only feet away the dog desperately looks at her with pleading eyes and a hopeful spirit.

But before she can grab the pup another wave tumbles over both of them, submerging them beneath the dark foaming waves.

The dog is nowhere to be seen and the woman struggles to her feat as she fights to stand. She seems confused as she begins to walk back to the shore believing her best friend has perished.

Suddenly the waves rush forward onto the sand. She turns to see the little guy wash up right behind her! She reaches down and scoops him into her arms, holding tightly to his little body.

This pup is going home.