Massive Shark Struggles in the Water. When Diver Sees What’s Happening, He Swims Straight Towards its Mouth

August 04, 2017

The sea is filled with a wide array of creatures both large and small. If you don’t live near the ocean, it is easy to go about your daily life without a second thought to the water-dwelling creatures that live amongst us. Thanks to technology, deep sea divers can easily record footage of their adventures so that the world can live vicariously through them.

In 2012, a group of divers near Socorro Island in Mexico had an experience they won’t soon forget. During their dive, they came across a mature whale shark. As it swam nearer, they became amazed at its sheer size.


While the thought of running across a shark is something that most would prefer to avoid, this particular species tends to be mild in temperament since their source of nutrition is primarily plankton. The whale shark is the largest species of fish, with the largest ever recorded being 41.5 feet long and 47,000 pounds.

Needless to say, an encounter of this magnitude was a breathtaking sight. As the divers watched it, they assumed it would swim past them, carrying on about its business. Much to their great surprise, the large animal swam closely to one of the divers.


In passing, the shark seemed to be in a great deal of distress. The closer they looked, they soon realized the cause of its disgruntled disposition. Around its midsection was a large rope, tightly bound and encrusted in barnacles. From the look of things, the rope had been there for quite some time and had begun to dig in its flesh.

The divers knew they had to do something to assist this helpless creature despite the risks involved. One man happened to have a knife with him and he eased up to the whale’s side. Ever so gently he began to saw away at the thick rope. Within a matter of seconds, the rope broke free from the shark.

It slowly swims away. In the video, you’ll hear the almost thank-filled groans from the enormous animal. Because of the compassion of the divers, this shark can now live a free and happy life. Watch the video below to see the breathtaking release of this magnificent creature.

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