Mastiff and Great Dane Encounter Two Baby Ducklings. How The Large Animals Respond Is Unusual

September 29, 2017

Argus, an impressive 200-pound Mastiff and Mr. Big, a tall, handsome Great Dane, are enjoying a delightful and relaxing afternoon in the summer sun. Nearby is a pair of new friends who would like to join them on this beautiful day; two adorable baby ducklings who are very intrigued with their new playmates.

A rational person would be very hesitant to introduce dogs of this size to other animals this tiny, for fear that one of the little ones might get injured. The fact that the critters are of entirely different species might give you additional pause. To the objective observer, it does seem a bit risky. A few seconds go by and any fear you might have had, quickly dissipates. Mr. Big surprises us all and lies down on the ground facing both baby ducks; you can tell he is in love with his new-found friends. To show how much both ducklings enchant him, he leans in and gives one a gentle lick. As time passes, both dogs stand up and seem to want to play with their new buds. Due to their extreme size difference, though, they'll have to save the rolling in the grass for another day.

All four animals defy stereotype through their newfound friendship, overcoming significant differences in size, weight, height, breed, and species. Nothing seems to get in their way. It's a cute video reminding us all just how fabulous and surprising animals can truly be, especially these Four Musketeers.

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