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Mastiff Born With A "Defect" And Unable To Walk. When Breeder Wants Her Gone, Discover What Happens Next

September 06, 2017

Willow, a Neapolitan Mastiff, was born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, resulting in weak leg muscles that prevented her from standing. She could not walk around or do the typical activities that playful puppies do on a daily basis. Her chest lay flat to the ground and her limbs lay out to the side, making it impossible to perform even the simple task of walking over to her food or water bowl. Because of this defect, many puppies like her are either euthanized or become unable to make it through life due to starvation or dehydration.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are a breed that can sell for more than $1000. Because Willow’s medical condition made her a financial burden, and because he could never sell her, the breeder was not interested in keeping her. Willow became a nuisance to the breeder who just wanted her gone as soon as possible. When Jenn, the President at 2nd Chances Rescue, came across the breeder's social media post stating he was going to “throw Willow out,” she instantly devised a plan to save this poor puppy.



When Jenn approached the breeder's location, she instantly recognized little Willow. Jenn recalls, “She was just floundering around in the yard, flat on her stomach.” Jenn knew this puppy was in need of assistance and would not survive without her help.

Once Jenn succeeded in taking the puppy off the breeder’s hands, she brought Willow to a specialist who was very familiar with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. Due to the severity of Willow’s condition, the specialist began Willow’s treatment right away. In just a few short days, Willow was taking her first steps and, after a few months, she was running and playing like a typical puppy.


After learning to walk, play, swim, and live life to the fullest, the roadblocks that Willow was facing every single day are no longer there. She’s growing and advancing, just like any other adolescent puppy would be.

Her lovely spirit, confidence, and unwillingness to give up, have allowed this puppy to improve by leaps and bounds. With the willing heart of 2nd Chances Rescue, and Willow’s constant determination, she’s able to live a full, abundant life surrounded by those who love her. “There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a dog that nobody wants and turning them into a dog that everybody wants. That to us is the whole meaning of rescue.” Jenn - President of 2nd Chances Animal Rescue.

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