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Meet Isla and Savannah, Queen Elizabeth’s Great Granddaughters That No One Talks About

February 22, 2018

The Royal Family has more members than most people are aware. Some of the most notable members are continually in the spotlight, such as Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and The Queen, herself.

Other family members are less known. If they’re any part of the Windsor clan, though, we want to know them better!

Meet Isla and Savannah Phillips, two of Queen Elizabeth’s great-granddaughters. They are the darling children of Peter Phillips. He is the son of the Queen’s only daughter, Anne. Though they are young, Savannah (7) and Isla (5), are deep in line for the throne.

Their bright blonde hair is hard to miss, and they both have the undeniable resemblance of Her Majesty. They live a rather low-key life with their parents in London, but still frequently visit their cousins, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

They do not hold the title of princess as their cousin Charlotte does because their father, Peter, opted out of a royal title. This makes him the first to be born without a title in the past 500 years!


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