Storm, The Golden Retriever, Jumped Into The Ocean Risking His Life To Rescue A Drowning Baby Deer

July 18, 2017

Mark Freeley was on a morning walk with his dog, an English Golden Retriever, Storm and his other dog Sara. It was around 8 a.m. and they were strolling along the PJ Harbor when all of a sudden Storm took off and jumped into the water. Quickly Mark realized what Storm was after. To his surprise, in the distance, he could see there was a drowning fawn who was in desperate need of a rescue.

"Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck , and started swimming to the shore," Mark Freeley said.

The video that has hit Facebook by 'storm' with a whooping 3.5 million views and 74,000 shares shows the dog swimming to shore while gently grabbing the fawn in his mouth. Once the two made it to shore, Storm placed the fawn on the rocky beach. The poor baby deer struggled to stand up. Storm pushes him farther in shore away from the waters.

The caring dog laid down next to to fawn and started to make attempts to revive it. "And then he started nudging it, and started pulling it to make sure she was gonna be okay, I guess," Freeley said. The fawn was breathing right away, Freeley called the experts to check on the fawn and make sure it was in good health. Storm and his owner stayed with it until a vet and Frank Florida from Strong Island Animal Rescue arrived. 

As soon as rescuers arrived, the deer ran back into the water because it was likely spooked by all the people. Thus, began round two of "Baby Deer Rescue." "This time it went out even further," Freeley said. Freeley and Florida went in the water to rescue it this time. It took about 8 minutes and the used a rope to rescue the deer this time.  


Once out of the water for the second time, the vet took the fawn to her car where the animal was treated. Although it was covered in ticks and suffering from an eye injury, the fawn is believed to make a full recovery.

It is unclear how the fawn ended up in the ocean or even if the baby deer was alone but what is clear is that Storm saved his life. Storm was made to be a rescue dog, I think we all know his calling. Watch the video below of this heroic dog:

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