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Days After Baby Sussex Is Born, Meghan And Harry Already Plan To Move Out Of England And It All Has To Do With Meghan

April 26, 2019

It’s been rumored that the long-awaited Baby Sussex has already secretly been born! Can you believe the time has already come? It seems as though it were yesterday when news broke that Harry and Meghan were to be expecting their first child together.


Time has seemingly flown by and the long-awaited event is finally upon us. The couple has made it very clear that they want as much privacy as humanly possible following the birth,and they’ve done everything in their power to keep as much under wraps as they can, going as far as bucking a 42-year-old tradition of presenting their newborn to the world on the steps of the Lindo Wing as Kate and Princess Diana both did with all of their children.


This comes as no shock to many that know much about Meghan’s personality. She’s known to be very straight-forward, always vocal about what she wants and is determined to make it happen despite any controversy it may bring.

New information, then, certainly comes as no shock to many when they found out the latest plot the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have up their sleeves. Upon hearing it, everyone instantly knew Meghan was behind it all.


Reports have been spilled that even though the couple just recently moved into the newly renovated Frogmore Cottage. A great deal of money was spent to give the old historic home a bit of a facelift but apparently, there’s more they want now and they’ve already grown restless.


Sources claim that they have already been planning to make a really big move and claim a second residence in L.A. where Meghan’s mother lives. This is something that is far different for the royal family, and everyone is directing the grand and extremely unorthodox decision Meghan’s way.


The source claims: “Meghan and Harry have their hearts set on a place in California. They intend to split their time between England and the States a lot more once the baby is born. Meghan likes the idea of being in the city she considers to be ‘home’ and thinks they’ll be able to maintain a more private ‘bubble’ there in the months following the birth when they don’t have so many duties to fulfill.”


They continued: “They’ll need somewhere ultra-secure and there are lots of private mansions tucked away in gated estates. Los Feliz is where Meghan went to school and she likes its hip, cosmopolitan charm.”

It was also said that they “have been hunting for homes to lease in America...with a view to buying a property.”


What do you think about this? Do you think it’s acceptable for them to be able to leave their entire family and move to another country considering the many traditions and protocols surrounding the entire family?

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