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Baby Joy Dampened By Mounting Health Concerns For Duchess Meghan And Unborn Child. Will Harry Put His Foot Down?

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October 16, 2018

I hate to say ‘I told you so,’ but we have been saying for several weeks now that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is likely pregnant. We have even featured photographic ‘evidence’ in the blousy clothes that seem to have a lot of extra room in the tummy area. Well, now it’s official and we couldn’t be happier with the news.

On Monday morning, Kensington Palace made the official announcement via Twitter.


“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019.” And in another tweet, they said a bit more:


“Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public.”

The news comes just as Harry and Meghan are arriving in Australia to begin their three-week tour of ‘Down Under,’ Tonga, Fiji, and New Zealand. And while their main focus will be the Invictus Games, they plan to do a lot more than that!


“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are looking forward to meeting as many Australians as possible, and building an enduring relationship with the people of the country.”

The Royal Couple will depart Australia after the final day of The Games, and continue their travels as they visit New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji. While it is important for the Royals to give the personal touch when it comes to the remaining members of the Commonwealth, it is also important to take their health and well-being into consideration.

When the tour was announced in the spring, shortly after the couple’s May 19th wedding, concerns were first raised about the wisdom of traveling to an area of the world in which the Zika Virus is found.

The Centers For Disease Control has issued a warning to pregnant women and those hoping to become pregnant within six months to NOT travel to these places if at all possible. Even before the Duchess was confirmed to be pregnant, the couple made no secret of the fact that they wanted to start their family right away. Now that the Duchess is confirmed to be expecting, we were concerned that the Duke and Duchess have not altered their plans.

As we all learned within the last couple of years, the Zika Virus, (transmitted through mosquito bites, can cause devastating birth defects in the unborn babies of infected women. Yes, there are preventive measures that can be taken (to avoid mosquito bites, that is), but it seems that the risk is one not to be taken lightly.

People reports, “Zika can be transmitted to fetuses through a pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid. Health officials have officially linked it to microcephaly,  a neurological disorder that leads to babies being born with much-smaller-than-normal heads. This can lead to problems with development and in some cases, even death. There is currently no vaccine or cure.”

“Both Tonga and Fiji are listed by the CDC as areas where health officials have reported Zika-infested mosquitoes. The CDC recommends pregnant women should not travel to areas with risk of Zika.” The CDC goes on to say that if travel is necessary, then certain precautions should be taken.

According to reports, Meghan and Harry sought medical advice about the Zika virus and pregnancy before embarking on their extended tour, and seem to be satisfied with the information they were given.

So, for the rest of us ‘Nervous Nellies’ we’ll just continue to pray for a healthy baby for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and also wish the happy couple a joyous and rewarding trip.

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