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Meghan Markle Used Her Trademark Skill To Woo One Particularly Unsuspecting Royal And Their Relationship Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

March 06, 2019

Anytime a person joins a new family there is a great deal of unknowns. For someone like Meghan Markle, the world in which she left and the one she joined couldn’t have possibly been more different.

The L.A. native had to quickly get on board with an entirely new way of life. She had to leave behind her carefree, happy-go-lucky California habits behind and exchange them for strict traditional customs and practices that the British Royal Family has followed for generations.

Not only did she have to learn a new way of life, but she also gained an entirely new and very prestigious family. One thing she’s quickly learned - as any newlywed must - is that even though you’ve officially become part of a new family, it doesn’t mean that everyone will like you.

Rumors have swirled since day one about the different riffs caused by Duchess Meghan and how she has been terribly hard to get along with behind palace doors.

Other sources have proclaimed that she and Duchess Kate have frequently been at odds, causing a great deal of internet drama. While we will never really know the whole truth, we can only hope those are all just loose rumors.

Despite all the negativity that she’s endured, occasionally, the good news will leak out and this time, it’s everything we could have ever hoped to hear!

One person that Meghan has reportedly hit it off with from the very start is none other than little Princess Charlotte! Meghan has always had an affinity for little children and loves to entertain them.

She also is quite fond of cooking so she chose to pair those two loves together. In doing so, she’s already created a blossoming relationship with her niece-in-law and it’s more adorable than words can say!

According to sources, Meghan often pops by to see the kiddos and always has a homemade treat or two in hand to pass along to the little ones. Without a doubt, we know they love and adore her and can see exactly why their Uncle Harry chose to take her as his bride!

We can only hope that little Baby Sussex will get along with the Cambridge littles just as much as Meghan does!

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