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Royal Tensions Rise After Meghan Markle’s Baby Antics Go Too Far. Now, Even Her Fans Are Giving Her Backlash

December 12, 2018

For the last year, one name has been in the headlines more than almost any other: Meghan Markle.

When the American actress officially became a member of the world’s most iconic family, media outlets had a field day. After marrying arguably the most eligible bachelor in the world, Prince Harry, Meghan gained a massive following of both fans and critics.

Before Meghan met Harry, she was widely known from her successful television series, Suits, and her blog, The Tig. Having shared so much of her life with her fans and followers, she had no qualms about her privacy. But that all changed after she got married.

While Meghan’s maintained a rather low profile since becoming engaged to Harry (she left her show and shut down her blog), there seems to be a part of her that is desperate to show the world that she’s still the same girl she was before.

In October 2018, nearly a year after their engagement news broke, Harry and Meghan announced that they were expecting their first child. Fans and followers went mad at the news and couldn’t wait to see pictures of Meghan’s bump.

Meghan must’ve known what the public wanted, because just days after making the announcement, Meghan began cradling her small bump every chance she got. Fans were thrilled, but critics were annoyed. Many people believed that she was doing it for the limelight and got frustrated over how often she called attention to herself.

Now, since the original announcement, Meghan has only had one outing in which is was not seen cradling her bump. Headlines began picking up on her constant cradling and wondered why she felt the need to do it.

During the British Fashion Awards, Meghan made a surprise appearance to announce the winner of the British Designer of The Year. She looked stunning in a one-shoulder black dress and of course, her bump was front and center. During her time on stage, Meghan held her bump with both hands, giving some of her critics some ammunition.

While many adored the way she held her bump, thousands took to social media to vent their frustrations with the soon-to-be mama. While several (including myself) think all baby bumps are the cutest accessory ever, many are annoyed at the Duchess’ constant baby-bump cradle.

Of course, Meghan was compared to her-in-law, Kate Middleton, who rarely drew attention to her baby bumps. On annoyed commenter wrote, “Especially when you're a royalty [sic] ... She should learn from Kate on how to pose regally when pregnant. Both hands discretely [sic] under the bump. Not cradling like Demi Moore. #Crasspregnancy #MeghanMarkle."


In my personal opinion, it’s okay for Meghan to cradle her bump. While it doesn’t always seem necessary, it could be that she is doing it comfort herself or the baby. I don’t believe that it’s always for attention- what do you think?

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