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Duchess Of Sussex Makes Overdue Plans To Meet With Her Father After Months Of Neglect, Now All Are Holding Their Breath

August 06, 2018

When Meghan Markle became an official member of the British Royal Family, everything changed for the once Hollywood actress. She went from walking down red carpets and signing autographs to world tours and living on palace grounds. In the midst of major change for Meghan, her family relationships were under intense media scrutiny.

Prior to becoming a Royal, Meghan’s relationship with her family was difficult, to say the least. Her parents, Doria and Thomas, had split when Meghan was young and as Meghan grew up and developed her career, the relationship she had with her father and half-siblings withered.

Once in the massive spotlight as Price Harry’s bride, Meghan’s family dynamics were exploited in the media. While the world may never know the full story, the media made sure to paint a messy picture of the relationship between Meghan and her father.

On May 19th when Meghan married Prince Harry, her father was absent after having an alleged heart surgery. The media had a field day and quickly took the opportunity to pounce on the delicate relationship between Meghan and Thomas. Sadly, weeks after the wedding, Thomas accepted multiple interviews with outlets where he shared his heartache for not making the ceremony.

Following Harry and Meghan's wedding, Thomas arranged interviews where he revealed his pain from the recent magnification on his life. Millions were confused and heartbroken for Thomas because he appeared genuinely devastated that he hadn’t even received a phone call from his daughter since her wedding.

Now, after nearly four months of marriage, the Duchess of Sussex has arranged a meeting with her father. Meghan has made plans to be in Los Angeles, California in late August 2018. During her short stay in America, she is believed to have organized some time for her just her father.

This meeting will be kept highly private. We hope that Meghan and Thomas can come together for a change to celebrate Meghan’s big moments. Many are speculating massive drama to come from Meghan and Thomas' meeting while others are praying for the best. Please pray for the reconciliation of their relationship- Father-daughter relationships are so very special.


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