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Duchess Meghan Opens Her Mouth To Speak - Takes A Lot Of Criticism For What Comes Out. Now, Everyone Is Demanding Answers

November 09, 2018

No one would argue with the fact that Meghan Markle has a monumental task before her. In taking on Prince Harry as her lawfully-wedded husband, she has also taken on a whole lot more.

In entering the British Royal Family, Meghan has entered a whole new world, one in which she has very little experience. But it seems that there are those who expect her to take on all aspects of royal life without missing a beat.

And it appears that no matter what she does, there is a cadre of critics just waiting to pounce on every little gaffe or misstep she makes as she slowly finds her niche within the closely-knit clan.

The changes she has already undergone have been astounding - from her wardrobe to her hairstyle, to the way she interacts with others - are all a tribute to her resilience and adaptability.

But now, that ability to adapt to her surroundings is causing her grief, and some people are not being kind about it.

This Spring, when Meghan embarked on her solo trip with the Queen, she spent a lot of time chatting with the throngs of fans who came out to greet her and her new grandmother-in-law.

Understandably, thrilled fans were at the ready with their iPhones and digital cameras to record any conversation that they were lucky enough to have with the Duchess.


And it is one of those recorded conversations that has stirred up the most recent Meghan-criticism storm. Some people are accusing the Duchess of Sussex of affecting a phony British accent - and point to the video clip as proof.

After listening to the recording numerous times, I can admit to hearing a slight difference, especially in her pronunciation of vowels. But the bottom line is, does it really matter?

It’s not uncommon for those who spend a lot of time around people with different accents have a tendency to take on their way of talking.

I think we should all give the girl a break and let her have the time she needs to settle into her new role. Watch the video, below, and decide for yourself.

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