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Even Meghan’s Clever Camouflage Can’t Hide These Massive Clues. Once You See Them, You’ll Be Giddy With Excitement Over What’s To Come

July 02, 2018

Ever since Prince Harry took lovely American Meghan Markle to be his bride - and some might say even before that -  speculation has run rampant about when the happy couple would welcome their first child into their newly established Royal Family.

Both husband and wife have expressed a strong desire to have a baby soon so, naturally, fans are on the constant lookout for any signs of an impending 'blessed event.'

And although there has been no official announcement, those of us who have been pregnant before, know something that is undeniable: our bodies start changing almost right away. And in response, we have to make concessions in our wardrobe to hide what's going on until we are ready to share the good news with others.

Just looking at Meghan's recent behavior one might make a strong case that she is, indeed, expecting. Each of the incidents, when taken separately, could easily be explained away with various excuses. But, when put together as a pattern of behavior, one might draw a quite different conclusion.

As a mother of five, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the best tricks for concealing the tiniest of baby bumps, and that is why I am convinced that Meghan is employing some of those tactics right now!

If the Duchess IS pregnant, she is certainly in the early weeks and months, so tell-tale changes in her figure wouldn't necessarily be obvious. However, if SHE knows, then it's likely that she is doing subtle things that belie the secret she is trying to keep. Take, for example, Meghan's recent weekend out in which she made two very public appearances.

At the end of June, much was made of the fact that the Meghan came out to support her husband at a Polo match. The world was charmed by the Duchess' easy casual style, and compliments were flying over her lovely ensembles.

The first day, she sported a familiar look: black skinny jeans and a white button-down shirt, accessorized by a favorite white and black Panama Hat. Rather than wearing the chapeau to shade her eyes from the sun, however, the Duchess carried it in her hand throughout the day - at least while she wasn't sitting. This was the first red flag.

The next day, Prince Harry's bride went a little more dressy - sporting a sleeveless gingham-print midi dress with a fanciful bow at the front of the waistline. Again, she had the hat, but this time she actually wore it. On the surface, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, right? But the most observant of us saw something odd about not just one but both of Meghan's outfits that weekend. Did you catch it?

Let's start with the black and white outfit. Take a look at the placement of the hat. From the moment Meghan exited the car that brought her to the polo site, in every single shot of her, she has the hat placed squarely in front of her lower abdomen.

She seems to be clenching the headwear tightly so as not to allow it to be jostled from its location. I can think of no better way to camouflage a slightly bloated abdomen than with a generously-sized hat! Still not convinced? Let's move on to day two.

Did it seem odd to anyone else that Meghan chose to wear a dress with a large bow right in front? Most women who work hard on their physiques enjoy showing off their svelte waistlines and tend to eschew anything that might make them look like their stomachs are protruding.

But Meghan's beige gingham picnic dress had that very effect. Perhaps the choice of frocks was a clever way to hide any telltale sign that the Duchess' figure was undergoing changes. And because of the concealing bow, she was able to put her hat on her head where it belonged.

Some of you might be thinking that I'm just letting my imagination run away with me. While others might agree wholeheartedly with my deductions. Either way, in the absence of an official statement from the Palace, all anyone can do is speculate.

If these subtle hints escaped you, don't feel bad. Only the most observant of royal-watchers could have noticed the 'tells' that just might be pointing to the very thing we have been hoping for all along. And the best part is that, no matter how observant you have been up to this point, there WILL come a time when we'll know for sure. Then we can happily turn our attention to counting down the days until we get to meet the next sweet Royal Baby!!

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