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Unrest In The Palace? Meghan And Kate Are At It Again And This Time, People Fear The Damage Is Too Great To Repair

March 05, 2019

Another feud?! Say it isn’t so!

From the moment Kate Middleton joined the British Royal Family, she was welcomed with open arms. She fit right into place and seemed as though she was truly meant for royalty.

When Meghan Markle joined the family, though, things didn’t go off quite as smoothly. While Kate, William, Harry, and Meghan were quickly deemed “The Fab Four”, the name hasn’t exactly held on for some seriously unfortunate reasons.

While we do not know all of the nitty, gritty details, we do know that the two ladies have occasionally been at odds with one another.

Some may say it’s because there isn’t enough room in the Palace for both Duchesses. Others may think it’s just a vast difference in personalities making it hard for them to get along.

No matter the reason, the relationship between the sisters-in-law doesn’t seem to be repairing anytime soon.

Recently, the Cambridges and Sussexes were seen out and about at the same event, something we hadn’t seen in quite some time. All four were in attendance for a formal reception at Buckingham Palace.

Both Kate and Meghan looked as dazzling as ever before. Unfortunately, there was one glaring issue - it was blatantly obvious that the two were not getting along yet again.

Body language expert Judi James could tell right away that the two were very cold and distant toward one another. James details her observation: “The two women used wide smiles and some tactile behavior back then [during their encounter at Christmas where the kindness was blatantly forced] in a bid to put rumors of a rift to bed once and for all, which makes their rather distant behavior here all the more curious.”

While each woman appeared to be in good spirits during the reception’s entirety, they kept quite a distance, never once seen interacting together. The men, on the other hand, also had a little bit of a strained behavior as well, further emphasizing the issue between the ladies.

But, despite whatever brawl they may be in currently, they held to the royal standards by staying proper, elegant, and poised for the entire celebration. Whatever qualms they may have with one another was put aside and they simply chose to keep their distance for the sake of everyone else there.

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