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Duchess Meghan’s Recent Action Proves Her True Character More Than Ever Before, Giving Fans One More Reason To Truly Adore Her

May 17, 2019

Meghan Markle has gone and done it again, folks! To some, it appears as though the Duchess of Sussex can do no wrong while others think she’s nothing but a fame-seeking former actress. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself to be on, her recent action goes to further prove her true character and people of the internet can’t stop talking about it.


From the moment she officially became a royal, she came in with a strong presence, making sure not to let her true self be camouflaged by her brand new identity. This is something quite rogue for a member of the royal family and many thought it highly improper for her to do such.


Since she did come from such a different background and upbringing, it makes sense as to why she has held her ground and continued to be Meghan despite her new Duchess title. She’s a woman’s woman through and through and wants to show others that she’s just as qualified as anyone to hold this position.


It was recently leaked that she did a touching and sentimental action just days before giving birth to her son, Archie. Many were floored that she went to such lengths to do such an act!

Just one day before the arrival of her child, Meghan’s 20-year high school reunion was taking place. She attended an all-girls Catholic school in Los Angeles, California, and they all made sure that she was aware of the occasion in the event she would be able to attend.


Much to everyone’s great surprise, the Duchess made sure to RSVP to the event and considering her circumstances during that time, no one could blame her for her reason for missing. She sent an envelope from Kensington Palace to the event and inside, it contained her regrets for being unavailable.


One attendee spoke to sources about it: “Everyone was disappointed that they did not get to catch up with Meghan given everything that has happened to her. But the whole group was super excited about her giving birth to the first British-American prince. It was all anyone could talk about.”


She continued: “They were so excited to get that letter from her. She is remembered as someone who is very thoughtful, and to get that kind of attention now that she is a royal went down really well. Hopefully, she’ll be able to make it to the 25-year reunion and she is welcome to bring Harry and Archie along with her.”


This is just one more reason to love the Duchess. Despite her newfound international fame and an incredibly busy schedule, she still found the time to sit down and write a thoughtful note to friends she knew so long ago. That, my friends, is true character shining through.

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