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Meghan Markle Opened Her Mouth And Left Fans Totally Speechless! After Video Goes Up Online, Fans Go Into Utter Hysteria

July 06, 2018

Meghan Markle is America’s Royal pride and joy! In the middle of her successful career as an actress, she was set up with Britain’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry. Less than two years later, Meghan was making America proud as she stood elegantly in an all-white wedding gown in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

But Meghan’s journey as an American entering the British Royal Family began just days before her engagement to Prince Harry was public. In mid-November 2017, movers were seen outside of her Toronto apartment. After several months of traveling across the oceans to be with each other, Meghan and Harry in the same place!

Kensington Palace announced Harry and Meghan’s engagement on November 27, 2017, and immediately set a wedding date just six months out for May 19th, 2018. Harry and Meghan quickly began making official appearances, many of which involved Meghan getting to familiarize herself with her new countries people. Since their wedding, Meghan and Harry had made it a priority to meet with as many fans as they can.

During what was perhaps one of the most pivotal moments in Meghan’s life was when Meghan went on a solo trip with Queen Elizabeth less than one month after became apart of the Royal family. During the trip, Meghan and the Queen met with fans who had been anxiously awaiting.

An adoring fan recorded Meghan. The two briefly chatted before Meghan went inside with Prince Harry. Afterward, the fan put the video online. Immediately fans were shocked at what Meghan said! Or rather, how she said it… Check out the video below!

Meghan had a brief chat with a fan named Aya. Meghan asked, “What’s your name?” When the fan went on to say that she adored Meghan, Meghan smiled and said thank you before moving on to meet more fans. Aya posted the video online and instantly people began to suspect that Meghan’s American accent was being replaced with a British accent!

While Meghan’s accent doesn’t sound entirely British, it does sound different than it did before she moved to London. And with her traveling to the U.K. several times a month over the last two years, it makes sense that she would start to pick up on the way locals talk. What do you think? Is Meghan beginning to pick up the British accent, or do you think it was just this one instance? Let us know in the comments below!


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