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Meghan Markle Broke One Royal Tradition During Official Family Photos And Only The Most Devout Royal Fans Were Able To Catch It

July 17, 2018

It’s been quite a ride to see just how Meghan Markle has made her “royal transformation” since becoming the Duchess of Sussex. She’s not only captivated the heart of Prince Harry, but also the hearts of individuals all over the world.

While we can only imagine just what goes into the daily life of a full-fledged royal, we know that their lives are anything but slow-paced and simple. It’s easy to make a blunder from time to time, especially if you’re still getting the hang of things.

Since joining the family, Duchess Meghan has made her fair share of mistakes along the way. She’s been flooded with grace from fans as she endures the growing pains of transitioning into an entirely new role and lifestyle.

Some mistakes are more easily disguised than others, though. If you’re a devout royal fan, you’ve likely caught on to one of her more recent mishaps.

For grand family events, such as a wedding or a christening, the whole royal family gathers together for official photographs to commemorate the occasion. Prince Louis’ christening on July 9 was no exception.


The family was all smiles as they stood around admiring the precious little addition to the family. Once the photograph was released, a few happened to notice Meghan’s action in the image.

She and Prince Harry have been notorious “rule breakers” when it comes to the PDA protocols. They are very loving and affectionate toward one another and don’t mind letting it be seen while in front of others.

This is something that goes against the unwritten yet understood protocols set in place for how royals should act and present themselves in the eye of the public. While posing for the family portrait at the christening, they were, yet again, publicly affectionate by royal standards.

In the image, Meghan is seen posing with her arm wrapped lovingly in Harry’s. It seems like something rather ordinary to many, but this is something never before seen in royal family photos.

They happened to be the only couples seen doing such, making it stand out all the more to the devout royal fans.


I don’t know about you, but this is something I think is quite endearing. It’s sweet to see royals show their love for one another. It’s just one more reason to confirm the love the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for the couple in the years to come!


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