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Meghan Markle Makes Rare, Startling Confession About Her Past, Confirming Exactly What We’ve Assumed All Along

July 12, 2018

Life in the past year has been no easy ride for Meghan Markle. In no time at all, she’s gone from the free-spirited, fun-loving California girl lifestyle to that of a prim and proper palace-dwelling royal.

One can only wonder just how much she misses the life in Hollywood she left behind. After all, it was a rather speedy transition.


Recently, Meghan and Prince Harry, now formally known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made a stop in Dublin, Ireland. Here they had the opportunity to greet members of the public after a visit to the Irish Emigration Museum. They shook hands, posed for photographs, and waved the giddy crowds surrounding them.


One fan had the opportunity to converse with the Duchess, and her conversation sheds light on a topic we’d been wondering about for some time. The fan told Meghan that she deeply missed seeing her act on Suits.

She stated, “I’m a fan of Suits. I miss it!” Meghan’s response was nothing like she’d anticipated. The Duchess looked sincerely at her and said, “So do I.”


Though she’s traded in her acting job for a royal life, it’s quite understandable for her to miss the former life she so hastily left behind. She was a member of the television show for seven seasons, creating an iconic character and making lifelong friendships.

To say these two lifestyles are drastically different would be a serious understatement. She had only known the Hollywood lifestyle, where she spent her days acting, modeling, and working on her personal website, The Tig.


When she met Prince Harry, her life was never the same. It seemed as though the two hit it off rather quickly and fell in love in a matter of months. There was something very different about her than the other girls he’d romanced in the past, leading many to believe he had finally found true love.


Meghan put aside all her former ways of life, knowing exactly what the future would hold for her. She shut down her website, she deleted her Instagram account and put in her two-weeks notice at her acting job playing Rachel Zane in Suits.

On May 19th, in front of millions worldwide, the star-crossed lovers said their “I do’s,” vowing to stand by each other until death parts them.


It has only been two months since Meghan earned the title of Duchess of Sussex, but it’s quite apparent that her royal makeover has taken full effect. She’s traded in her messy buns for sleek, Kate-esque updos and put aside her L.A. cool-girl wardrobe for classic, timeless attire fit for a Duchess.


Since the wedding, she and Prince Harry have stayed rather busy with their various events, appearances, and traveling. As of now, they’re knee-deep in a royal tour, meeting droves of devout fans across the globe.


No one could ever blame her for missing that season of her life. We know that while she does feel nostalgic about it from time to time, she wouldn’t dare trade her reality for what lies in her past. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the beautiful Duchess!

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