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Meghan Markle’s Scandalous Past As An Author- Did The Royal-To-Be Secret Publish A Blog About What It’s Really Like In Hollywood

February 27, 2018

In November 2017, American actress Meghan Markle became one of the most popular women in the world. As the bride of Britain’s Prince Harry of Wales, Meghan’s name, past, and future  has become the topic of “all things Royal.”

While we’ve come to learn quite a bit about Meghan’s life, there are still so many parts to her that are unknown. Most recently, Meghan has been linked to being the anonymous writer on a very honest blog called The Working Actress.

The Working Actress was a blog that was public from 2011- 2012. It shares stories of what it’s really like to work in Hollywood; the secrets, the scandals, the heartbreak… You name it, she wrote it.

Although “She” isn’t necessarily referring to Meghan. Nothing has been confirmed or denied by Meghan or Kensington Palace, however, several sources point back to Meghan as the honest author.

The blog shared some several truths as to what the grueling Hollywood life actually looked like for a young actress. Excerpts shared difficult conversations, tough critics, and- of course- issues regarding sexual harassment. See an excerpt shared from a Town and Country article on the blog below:

As a guest star, I feel you have to kind of suck it up. They toss in a kissing scene for no apparent reason, they change your outfit from jeans to a dress the size of a loincloth," she wrote. "Sometimes it’s just part of the job… I’ve had to freeze my [acting] union membership, borrow money, work jobs that I hated, endure being treated terribly on a set, kiss actors with smelly breath and cry for hours on end because I just didn’t think I could take it anymore.

Much of what was shared on the site concluded something quite amazing though: whoever was writing The Working Actress, made a lot of sacrifices. She was driven, she was smart, and she knew what it meant to work hard.

If that was Meghan Markle, then it only reiterates her self-respect even more. She’s a hard worker and an honest person whose life is about to drastically change. If she did, in fact, write the blog, then we can rest a little more easily knowing that she is more than capable of making sacrifices and living with intention. If it wasn’t written by her, she has still demonstrated several outstanding and admirable qualities as a Hollywood actress that proves she is a hard and dedicated worker.

What do you think about the bride-to-be? We want to know so share in the comments and keep it kind!


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