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Meghan Markle Undergoes Life Threatening Training Before Marrying Prince Harry

March 14, 2018

Meghan Markle isn’t taking her future status as a member of the British Royal Family lightly! She has recently undergone a two-day training course held by Britain’s SAS Special Forces to prepare for a wide variety of worst-case scenarios, including being kidnapped! They even use live ammunition during the training so that when she does hear real gunfire it doesn’t catch her off guard.

The training isn’t without its risks of course, and when Princess Diana underwent the training in 1996, her hair was accidentally set on fire by a flashbang grenade! In the training, Meghan is taught how to survive outdoors, escape kidnappers, and even form a relationship with whoever is holding her hostage. Although it is a controlled situation that she signed up for, one SAS officer said that the training is frightening to everyone, and is designed to terrify whoever takes the course.

Meghan was encouraged to undergo the training by officials who are afraid of terror threats surrounding her wedding. Kate Middleton underwent the training herself after her wedding to Prince William, as they were at a lower threat level then. Meghan didn’t go by herself, however, as Prince Harry accompanied her to the training course. While we’re sure this was a training experience that is something she certainly needs to know, we hope this is knowledge she never has to use!

Check out the footage below of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visiting Wales!