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Meghan Markle Makes First Appearance Of 2019 When She Shuts Down Critics In A Single Comment

January 10, 2019

Meghan Markle is proving critics wrong!

On Thursday, January 10th, 2019, the Duchess of Sussex made her first appearance at Smart Works, which works to help vulnerable unemployed women regain the skills and confidence to get into back into a healthy career.

Meghan arrived with a fresh face and full confidence as reach greeted a Smart Works organizer. During her stay, Meghan shared some of her thoughts on why Smart Works was one of her four organizations that she would act as patron for.

Meghan cheered on Smart Works with zeal and said, “It’s a community that I’m so drawn to about it here. It’s not just donating your clothes and seeing where they land, but being part of each other’s success stories as women. If that’s in the tools that you give or the interview prep that’s happening, every piece of it.”

She added, “It’s not just hand-me-downs. It’s saying, ‘Okay, this is the blazer that I wore that helped me land that interview, and I want this to be the piece that helps this woman have that part of her story. So to know as a woman coming in, I would imagine, that you have so many other women believing in you in all the next phases is the piece that makes it so special.”

Meghan’s response working with Smart Works was so entirely encouraging that critics had no choice but to swallow their words. For the past several months, Meghan has been labeled “Duchess Difficult” after tabloids suggested she was hard to work with and selfish, but once seen in this light, and it was clear that Meghan offers real encouragement and empathy towards the women of Smart Works.

During the event, Meghan had a chance to act a stylist in the Smart Works closet where women can come to find clothes for interviews. The Duchess helped to pick out second-interview outfits for some of the women who rely on Smart Works. One staff member even commented on Meghan’s empathy, saying, “She has fantastic empathy and has been helping to coach some of our clients.”

At Smart Works, women are provided with high-end outfits for job interviews, have access to one-to-one interview training and the opportunity to join Smart Works Network, furthering their professional and personal development. Meghan has already been to the organization several times to help give one-on-one training to beneficiaries.

I love seeing Meghan being apart of something so special! While so many tabloids suggest that she’s only attempting to climb social ladders and remain difficult to work with, seeing her in the element of encouraging women is hugely exciting.

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