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Days Before Due Date, Duchess Meghan Gets Slammed Once Again By Her Staff. This Time, They’re Refusing To Back Down

March 26, 2019

When she first entered the British royal family, it appeared as if her life was absolutely picture perfect. She left her acting career in Hollywood to pursue a real-life role as a modern-day princess.


Her wedding was nothing but pure bliss and she and Prince Harry have a romance that people of all ages envy. Up until recent months, all has seemed well with her. That has, sadly, come to a screeching halt.


Many feel as though her perfect appearance and life is nothing more than a facade. This idea has spurred many to dig deep, researching every single aspect of her past, present, and future life.

It had been told that some of her closest staff in the palace had given her a rather unfortunate nickname, Duchess Difficult. This is due to her seeming to be very difficult and high maintenance to work with.


While that died down after some time and many tried to put that name to rest as quickly as possible, another name has emerged from the depths of the palace. This name is something that the staff has now begun to call her as well.


Her new and quite nasty nickname has become “Me-Gain.” Apparently, some have said that since becoming pregnant, her “true” colors have begun to show and she’s done nothing but try to look out for her very best interest and do whatever it takes to always put herself before others.


While Kensington Palace has denied any comments, it is hard for many people to disagree when so many negative things have come from her close personal staff that have either quit or have been fired under her reign.


We truly hope that this is only just a phase and all unrest will settle soon, especially before the baby arrives!

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