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Oops! Meghan Just Gave A Massive Clue To When Baby Sussex Will Arrive, But Only The Sharpest Fans Noticed

October 30, 2018

As Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are charming their way around Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji, they are also adjusting to the idea that soon, the two shall become three! Right before the couple left on their historic trip ‘Down Under,’ they made the momentous announcement that Meghan is, indeed, pregnant with their first child. YAY!!

And although no official due date has been announced - the Palace statement says only “in the Spring” - diehard Royal fans have become determined to figure out a more precise date. We have been told that the Duchess has already passed her “12-week scan” but that could mean anything.

Yes, most people assumed that meant that she was 12-weeks pregnant at the time of the announcement. But, if you pay attention to the wording of the information, it doesn't say she "just" had it. Yes, it's possible that she may have just undergone the ultrasound the day before - or she could have had it weeks ago!

Now, eagle-eyed Royal followers have drawn the world’s attention to a simple item of jewelry that Meghan has been wearing during her trip, claiming it is a massive clue as to the actual due date of the precious royal bundle. And when you see it, you will have to agree that they might be onto something!

During the weekend of October 20th, Harry and Meghan attended some of the Invictus Games events, and when she raised up her hands to applaud the winners, we saw it!!

We’re talking about, of course, the stacking rings that she wears on the ring finger of her right hand. Currently, the Duchess is sporting three of them, one worn on top of the other, and each has a different birthstone.

If you are familiar with birthstones, you know that each month of birth is signified by a different gem. And the ones Meghan is wearing just might tell us when they expect their baby. How, you ask? Just keep reading...

One of her rings carries a Peridot stone, a stunning green gem that is the birthstone of August, the month of the Duchess’ birth. Then there’s the blue sapphire one: representing September when Harry was born. Then, there is the third one. And we happen to believe it represents when they expect their darling bundle of joy to arrive.

And what gem is on that third ring? A diamond, which just so happens to be the birthstone of April!

Now, although the tiny little gemstone on Meghan right hand can give us a clue as to the month of Baby Sussex’ arrival, unfortunately, it cannot narrow it down any more than that. So, ahead of any formal announcement, we choose to believe that the beginning of the fourth month of 2019 is when we can begin our ‘Royal Baby Watch.’

So, if I did my math right, the Duchess is 17 or 18 weeks pregnant (by the time she returns from the trip). That means we have a short 22-23 weeks to wait before we get to meet the newest little Royal.

Get ready, world, because, before you know it, Prince Harry and his bride will be welcoming a new little Prince or Princess! And we can hardly wait. He/she is sure to be very adorable, and without a doubt, very well-loved!

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