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Royal Family Pushes Meghan’s Dad Too Far - Now He’s Not Giving Up Until He Discovers The Truth. In Act Of Desperation, He Prepares For The Unthinkable

July 16, 2018

Meghan Markle’s dad has opened up again about his strained relationship with his Duchess daughter, and this time his words have raised new concerns about how Prince Harry’s bride is adjusting to the Royal life, and his fears for his daughter’s emotional health.

Now his rising fears for his daughter have caused him to make a drastic decision and if he doesn't see some change soon, there will be no stopping him.

The senior Markle, who still has not met his new son-in-law, has given another interview in which he shares what he says only a father could notice. And it is making him very uneasy. He pulls no punches when he says he thinks his daughter is cracking under the pressure of trying to fit into the Royal Family.

Markle tells the Sun that every attempt he has made to contact his daughter has been ignored and now he may have to take drastic measures to get in touch with her. The last time he spoke with Meghan was right after the May 19th wedding, in which Meghan inquired about his health.

Mr. Markle says this is the longest he has ever gone without speaking with his little girl and he is not going to stand for it much longer.

Fox News is reporting that Thomas is thinking about hopping on a plane so he can see for himself just how she is doing, and he won’t let the Royal Family interfere with his attempts to set things right with his youngest child.

Thomas Markle told the Sun, that the trip could be as soon as next month, if necessary, and he has no qualms about traveling from his home in Rosarito, Mexico to London to confront Meghan and Harry. He is also hoping to meet Queen Elizabeth, remarking, “If she’ll meet Donald Trump, why not me?”

It looks as though Mr. Markle has three main goals at this time. 1. Get in touch with his daughter, 2. Make amends for any hurts he caused, 3. Establish himself in a role of respect as the father of the new Duchess of Sussex.

“If I chose in a month, or couple of months, to go to England — I want to see my daughter. I’m thinking about it,” Markle said. “I don’t care whether she is p---- off at me or not.”

Let’s hope Markle’s health is stable enough for him to make the trip safely, and that the mission will result in normalized relationships between not only father and daughter, but also between the new in-laws, even if they happen to be the Royal Family of Britain.

To look back at the happy occasion that had a sad undertone for Meghan's dad, watch the video, below.


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