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Meghan’s Mum Passed Over For Monumental Honor For This One Surprising Reason, And Not Everyone Is Happy About It

May 18, 2018

Just 24 hour ago, we heard the sad news that father-of-the-bride in the wedding of the year, Thomas Markle, Sr. would not be traveling to London to attend his daughter’s wedding.

His health and other considerations were cited as the reason for his absence. Although Meghan supported her father’s decision, expressing that he should focus on his health, it left the bride with a conundrum of regal proportions.

Speculation ran rampant as to who should take over the all-important role of walking Meghan down the aisle on Saturday. Opinions varied widely, with most people falling into one of three camps: mother-of-the-bride, Doria Ragland, brother-of-the-groom Prince William, or father-of-the-groom, Prince Charles.

Some even suggested that the bride ‘give herself away’ in a show of progressiveness and independence. While there are good reasons for each of the choices, it eventually came down the realization that a Royal wedding is, above all, traditional and conservative.

That is why no one should have been surprised when the announcement was made early Friday that the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles would be at Meghan’s side when she takes the most important walk of her life.

Those rooting for Ms. Ragland to do the honors point to the fact that she raised Meghan single-handedly after her divorce from Thomas Markle, and that the role should, rightfully, gone to her. Others think it would serve to make a statement about the direction in which the Royal Family should be going.

But, insiders are claiming that it came down to something as simple as this: Ms. Ragland didn’t want to do it. Can you imagine the pressure she would have had to endure to have the eyes of the world on her?

By all accounts, she is a very private person and maybe she wanted to enjoy the festivities without the stress of taking that long walk with her daughter. Either way, as long as the bride is happy, we should be, too.

Now that it’s decided, it’s time to take a deep breath and wish the happy couple all the best. These decisions are not made lightly, and we are certain that Meghan made the decision she felt was best for all involved.

With the last of the big details finally being worked out, we can turn our attention toward the celebration we have all been waiting for over the past six months: the wedding between Prince Harry of Wales and his lady-love Meghan Markle.

And we can hardly wait!!

To see more about the last-minute activities ahead of tomorrow's royal wedding, watch the video, below.


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