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One Glaring Detail About Meghan Markle’s ‘Secret’ Baby Shower Has Fans Completely Flustered And Scratching Their Heads In Utter Disbelief

February 21, 2019

Meghan Markle sure has a way of keeping her name and image in the spotlight whether she truly means to do so or not.

She’s been an international sensation from the moment she officially became a member of the British Royal Family. Her fame has only continued to escalate with each passing month, especially once news broke that she and Prince Harry were set to become first-time parents in the spring of 2019.

Now that the time is drawing near, one can only question just when Baby Sussex will choose to make his or her grand debut. Many are speculating sometime in April, but from the looks of Meghan’s bump, the little one could be arriving much sooner.

Recently, she took the world by great surprise - again - when she “just so happened” to be spotted in New York City. Once the secret was officially out, we quickly learned that her American besties had planned a private baby shower for the Duchess and her little one. Isn’t that precious?

This gesture likely meant a great deal to Meghan since this is a practice that is typically foregone by the members of the royal family. Her friends, however, wanted to keep this American tradition alive for their deal pal and boy did they shower her with love!

Following her star-studded shower, details of the private event have slowly begun to be leaked. This has seemingly ruffled some feathers, believe it or not.

When you run with the type of A-lister crowd that Meghan does, one can only assume that the celebration would be top of the line. People have begun to think it was far too much and too lavish for someone of the royal family to be having.

First of all, they held the shower in the largest penthouse they could find in the United States and the place rented for $75,000 per night. This bill is said to have been covered by her tennis all-star bestie, Serena Williams.


The guests then were ushered to an area where they had a lesson in floral arrangements all while dining on lavish and decadent desserts prepared by the infamous head chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

There was also rumored to be a harpist and a cotton candy machine. While that is all that has been leaked thus far, some feel that this was over-the-top and far too extravagant for someone who claims to call themselves charitable and an avid humanitarian.


Others see it differently on account of the entire expense, even the $100,000 private jet bill, was covered by her closest friends and none by the Duchess herself.

What do you think about this? Do you think it’s okay for a member of the royal family to opt out of protocols and traditions and be showered in luxury?

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