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Meghan Markle Did Her Best To Hide Embarrassment In Face Of Humiliating Faux-Pas. Lucky For Her, Not Everybody Spotted It...

August 15, 2018

Much has been written about the unforgettable day when the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex stepped out together for the first time - without their husbands, Prince William and Prince Harry. The memorable occasion was for the final match of the 2018 Ladies’ Singles at Wimbledon, where Meghan looked forward to cheering on good friend Serena Williams.

The media was replete with stories about how stunning the royal ladies looked in their chosen-couture for the day. Whether you liked what they wore or hated it, it was clear that everyone had an opinion - and weren’t afraid to share it.

But as everyone was going on and on about their outfits, only the most observant royal-watchers spotted Meghan’s unfortunate faux-pas that left her, once again, on the outside of royal protocol.

We have become accustomed to seeing each of the Duchesses dressed in a certain way, with Kate’s style differing from Meghan’s in many ways. It was one of these differences that was the source of Meghan’s minor humiliation at Wimbledon.

Surely you’ve noticed that she has a favorite hat - a white Panama with a black band - and has worn it on numerous occasions, both before and after her marriage into the Royal Family. But, being royal made all the difference intros case, because she learned the hard way that the rules have changed drastically.

Meghan brought her iconic straw hat to the tennis match, undoubtedly thinking that it would be perfect for shielding the afternoon sun from her eyes. In fact, she wore it two years earlier when she attended the exact same match at Wimbledon. Only one thing had changed since then. You guessed it - a royal rule.

You see, “It’s all to do with her position in the Royal Box — where Meghan sat with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, 36.

“Spectators in the Royal Box have to follow a set of fashion rules, with guests being asked to dress smartly — and men advised to wear a jacket and tie.

“While those in the Royal Box are also asked not to wear hats, in case it blocks the view of others around them.”

The same rule does not apply to other spectators who are NOT forbidden from wearing hats, so long as they are considerate to those around them. That explains why Meghan was able to wear the very same hat in 2016 and not now.

Poor Meghan. I can’t help but wonder how so many of these little ‘snafus’ could have been avoided had someone thought to fill her in on ahead of her stepping in it…

The one good thing is that, over time, Meghan is sure to pick up the subtleties of behavior that mean much to the Royals but the commoner would never think of.

Just my opinion, but Prince Harry needs to step up his game and shield his beloved from these entirely avoidable foibles that seem to plague his wife wherever she goes.

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