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Meghan Markle Learns Harsh Truth About Having A Royal Baby And It’s Not What She Ever Expected; Now, Kate Will Have To Step In

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October 19, 2018

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry of Wales married American Meghan Markle. On that day, Meghan became more than just a wife, she also became the Duchess of Sussex and an official member of Britain’s leading family. Now, less than six months into marriage, Meghan is officially preparing to be a mother- yay!

Prior to entering into the Royal Family, Meghan was very public about her personal life. On her blog, The Tig, Meghan shared several details of her life. Based on the content that she shared prior to getting rid of her social media (at the Royal Family’s request), Meghan would have likely shared pregnancy on her personal Instagram. And even more so, she would have shared fun baby-bump and shower pictures.

But even if the Royal Family hadn’t made her take her blog down, Meghan wouldn’t have had a baby shower to share about on her blog. This is because Meghan is not permitted to celebrate her upcoming baby with a baby shower.

Refinery 29 shares that Meghan won’t have the privilege of getting thrown a fancy baby shower, regardless of how customary it is in the United States. Royal news expert, Victoria Arbiter. "They [royal family members] are clearly very wealthy, and a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate.” The Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have gone without showers for all three of pregnancies for that very reason.

Meghan likely learned of this royal protocol early on in her royal journey, however, the reality of welcoming a baby in five months makes this protocol’s presence all the more lingering in her life. Prior to her baby, it was a more distant rule, but now, it applies directly to her.

Thankfully, Meghan will get some tips from Kate Middleton who has experience with Royal protocols when it comes to gifts and celebrations. After three children, Will and Kate have donated nearly all of their children’s gifts.

Kate has been known to be a confidant of Meghan’s as she’s made her transition from common life into Royalty; the two have been spotted whispering and laughing and are believed to be very close, especially since Meghan found out she was pregnant.

Meghan has already transitioned so well into Royalty, we can’t imagine her getting too bent out of shape over not having a gender reveal and baby shower. Kensington Palace has announced that Meghan is officially pregnant and while on her Down Under tour, Missy Higgins confessed that Meghan is 4 months pregnant, putting her due date around March 2019. Any guesses on the Royal baby’s gender and name?


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