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Meghan Has Done This One Shocking Hack Since Day 1 And Finally The Right People Are Starting To Ask Questions

June 22, 2018

In 2017, Meghan Markle had the most googled name in the world. Her sudden rise to fame came when the American actress began dating Britain’s most eligible bachelor. While she was obsessed over as Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan only became more fascinating when the couple got engaged in late November 2017.

Following Kensington Palace’s engagement announcement, the couple arrived outside in the Sunken Garden at Kensington for the announcement photocall. The couple appeared totally smitten with one another and captured the hearts of everyone with their love and excitement for one another.

Prince Harry wore a navy blue suit while Meghan opted for a dark teal dress and a white dress coat. The pair looked simply picturesque as they waved to the photographers. Right before going in, however, the cameras began snapping full body pictures in which they were able to see something rather surprising… Meghan looked to be wearing too big of shoes!


Fans wrote it off and assumed that she really liked the shoes she wore but couldn’t find them in the right size. But after more and more royal events and appearances for the soon to be Duchess, it appeared that having too big of shoes wasn’t a one-time thing.

At almost every event, Meghan has been seen in heels that appear to be far too big for her. We know that it’s not a matter of not being given access to the right size- she’s Royalty now, she can have anything! So… if it’s that, what is it?

Well as it turns out, Meghan is wearing too big of shoes for one very intentional reason! Any guesses?

The Duchess is actually putting an old Hollywood trick into practice. You see, when celebrities wear heels all day, they’re feet have the tendency to sweat and boat, making their time in heels miserable. To keep them happy while still looking fabulous, they’ve discovered a little hack!

Meghan wears a half size bigger than her real size every time she wears heels to protect her feet. During long days, the Duchess has to make sure with she’s not constantly thinking about her poor feet in heels. By wearing a half size bigger, she can last much longer in a stiletto!


While this is a commonly known hack in Hollywood, it’s not typically noticed, however, Meghan’s smaller frame tends to show it off a little more. But even with a show half a size too big, she still looks gorgeous! And this way, she won’t bunions when she’s older! That’s a plus!


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