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WATCH: Melania’s Bizarre Facial Expression After Shaking Hands With Putin Raises Concerns...And Eyebrows

July 20, 2018

When President Trump and First Lady Melania traveled to Helsinki, Finland to meet with President Vladimir Putin, no one expected things to go exactly planned. But maybe the most bizarre thing to come out of the historic summit had nothing at all to do with the two men.

It was actually the First Lady who caught the world's attention and now no one can stop speculating about what was really going on.

When the American’s entered the room to meet the Russian President, it was all smiles and politeness. Melania stood by while her husband and Mr. Putin greeted one another. Then it was her turn. Oozing charm and beauty, the First Lady flashed a dazzling smile and spoke a few words as the Russian leader grasped her hand.

It’s what happened right after, that has everyone talking. And once you see it, a thousand thoughts are bound to go through your mind. Here’s what some social media users had to say:


“LOOK at Melania’s face after shaking Putin’s hand AFTER he turned away from her. I’ve seen that look before at Trump’s inauguration when she was terrified of Trump. Now she’s SCARED of Putin because she knows he holds her & her family’s lives in his hands.”

With no clear-cut answer, some people came up with their own ‘conspiracy theories…’


“Maybe #Putin , a page outta Trumps playbook, praised Melania for being in “such good physical shape,” sparking her INSTANT outrage OR is it a default setting due to living in the Trump #WhiteHouse 🤷‍♀️ 🤣


Those with cooler heads conclude that she wants to put on a serious face for the inevitable photos shoot that was to follow. And that it was simply an act of professionalism when she quickly changed from a smile to a neutral face. Cameras must have just caught her at the awkward moment as she was transitioning between the two.

One user said that “Melania ‘was the only one in the room who understands how dangerous this man actually is,’ referring to Putin. Melania, who is from Slovenia, and Putin both hail from eastern Europe.”

No matter the reason for the First lady's unusual facial expression, one thing was perfectly clear: The American power-couple held their own against the Russian leader.

And now, with President Trump extending an invitation to Mr. Putin to visit the White House this Fall, it seems negotiations are well underway to improve the relationship between the two powerful nations.


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