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Melania Trump Does It Again - Almost - But Donald Triumphs In The End

April 25, 2018

The unusual way Donald and Melanie Trump display their affection in public has been the subject of a multitude of internet memes, public ridicule, and fodder for late night comedians. It all started with the now-famous “swat” when Melania blatantly rejected her husband’s attempt to hold her hand when they arrived in Tel Aviv in May of 2017.

Since then, speculation has been rife as the true nature of the First Couple’s relationship remains a mystery.

The most recent incident occurred on the day of the state dinner with French President Macron and his wife. Earlier in the day, the President and the First Lady were standing on the White House steps when Mr. Trump reached over and made a subtle attempt to catch Melania’s attention.

Apparently, he thought that holding her hand at that exact moment was the thing to do. Either Melania did not notice, or she was sending the message that she was not interested. But Mr. Trump persisted, making several feeble attempts to get her to relent. All the while, Mrs. Trump stood perfectly still with her eyes straight ahead.

In the shadow of accusations by women who claim to have had affairs (and worse) with the president, many people wonder if the First Lady is letting her true feelings be known.

Others explain away Melania’s seemingly odd behavior by referring to her very proper upbringing and her conservative view of her obligation as a public figure, believing that hand-holding and other displays of affection are not “professional.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been very open about the same reasoning.

But, patience pays off and no one knows that better than the leader of the free world. A few moments later, even though Mr. Trump had lost the earlier battle, he seems to have won the war, as he was photographed with his wife’s hand firmly enclosed in his own.

Perhaps, Mrs. Trump felt that the time was right for the embrace and finally agreed to grant her husband’s wish.

So, I guess it comes down to what you choose to believe. If you are inclined to think ill of our president, then you are firmly in the camp of concluding that Melania dislikes her husband so much she can barely stand to touch him.

Or you can stand with the romantics among us who like to look for the best in every couple out there.

In that case, you accept the explanation that Melania is much more formal than her husband and wishes to keep business separate from pleasure, thus the inclination for a professional demeanor.

Either way, it comes down the fact that it is what it is. Right now President Trump has a lot on his plate and worrying about whether or not the media catches his failed attempt to hold hands with his wife is unlikely to take up much of his time and energy.

Regardless of the truth about the President and First lady’s personal relationship, no one can deny the fact that they manage to carry out their professional duties with dignity and grace.

We hope for the best for Donald and Melania’s marriage, and have a sneaking suspicion that they just MIGHT be doing it to see the reaction of the media!

To see one time when I’ll guarantee that the First Lady was glad she was holding her husband’s hand, watch the video, below.


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