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Tensions Rise After Melania Trump Rebels Against Her Husband- Now, Millions Are Talking About ‘Heartless’ Attack On Donald Trump

April 23, 2019

In June 2018, the First Lady of The United States, Melania Trump, sparked a massive international controversy. After heading headlines over her “I Really Don’t Care, Do U” jacket, Melania Trump visited crisis immigrant families that were facing separation from their family at the Mexican border.

Melania’s wardrobe set millions off in a rage with many shocked at casual arrogance to the current immigrant family crisis. After being criticized for her fashion choices, the FLOTUS continued wearing her jacket whilst knowing that millions were taking serious offense- especially after her husband’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

President Trump’s response to his wife’s fashion choice led him to publicly announce the matter. During his noting of her jacket, he casually shared that she wore that jacket intentionally to send a message to fake news outlets. But three months later, Omarosa Manigault Newman is making a very different claim

In her new book, Unhinged, a former secretary to President Trump Omarosa Manigault Newman, reveals that Melania’s incentive jacket was in no way directed towards fake news outlets, but rather, it was a direct attack on her husband’s initiatives.

Omarosa shared the following with the Daily Mail: “It’s my opinion that Melania was forced to go to the border that day in June, essentially, to mop up her husband’s mess… She wore that jacket to hurt Trump, setting off a controversy that he would have to fix, prolonging the conversation about the administration’s insensitivity, ruining the trip itself, and trying to make sure that no one asked her to do something like that again.”

While there was no proof of Melania purposefully trying to rebel against her husband, she is adamant that Melania had very specific intentions. Omarosa continued: “Not that Melania doesn’t have compassion for immigrant children; I’m sure she does, but she gladly, spitefully, wrecked her husband’s directives to make him look foolish.”

Omarosa concludes her theory on the divided couple by saying, “The messages behind her style choices aren’t always clear, but they are never accidental. I believe Melania uses style to punish her husband.”

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