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Mere Months After Wedding, Hollywood Superstar Makes Startling Statement About His Bride, Leaving Devout Fans In A Complete Tizzy

June 29, 2018

Hollywood celebrities have a way of keeping us captivated. Their lives are so glamorized and unlike what we typically experience in our day-to-day living that we can’t help but stare in utter amazement.

Even the simplest tasks of their day are heavily documented. While it might become highly obnoxious for them for quite obvious reasons, it does give us a glimpse into what life would be like as a famed star.

One star that has won over the hearts of millions for years is 57-year-old English actor and film producer, Hugh Grant. He’s been highly sought after for years on end, and his fame is continuing to climb with each passing year.

Some of his most notable acting roles include Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill, About A Boy, Music and Lyrics, and Two Weeks Notice. These are just a drop in the bucket of his broad, 30+ year acting career.

Unlike most in Hollywood, he chose to forego the idea of settling down and marrying. He was known as being one of the longest-running bachelors in Hollywood.

After 57 years of single living, the blue-eyed heartthrob made the wildly unexpected decision to finally tie the knot, once and for all. In May 2018, Grant married his longtime love, Anna Eberstein. Together, they share three children, while Grant also has two others from a previous relationship.

Now that he’s gotten the chance to experience what married life really is all about, he’s got something quite serious he had to get off his chest. He made sure to use an adequate platform so that all the world could hear his heartfelt confession.

When asked about how he felt now that he was married, he stated, “It’s really nice, I can’t pretend it isn’t.” He then went on to leave a statement that caused many a jaw to drop to the floor.

“I should have done it before. I’m just lucky. I’m lucky. I’ve got a great wife. I love her,” he said unapologetically.

This is everything we could have wanted to hear and more! Knowing that Grant felt a piece and wholeness now that he is finally wed to the love of his life is such a heartwarming revelation. We cannot wait to see what lies ahead for these newlyweds!


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