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Beloved Michael J. Fox Painfully Reveals His Biggest Struggle Yet And Fans Are Emotional By His Heartbreaking Admittance

May 02, 2019

Everyone who knows of him loves him and knowing he’s been battling one of the most heartbreaking and debilitating diseases for nearly thirty years is enough to send anyone over the edge.


Hollywood’s beloved actor, Michael J. Fox, is known and loved by many around the world for his incredible talents and likable spirit. At the prime of his acting career, he was devastatingly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was merely 29 years old.


Since then, he’s had to learn how to navigate life in a completely new way, showing the world that it is possible to succeed and thrive despite the tragic circumstances he faces. Recently, he sat down for an interview and opened up about one of his saddest struggles yet, and fans couldn’t help but get emotional at his raw admittance.


“I feel sometimes I don’t want to be selling people the optimism thing because people have tough lives. Depression is real, and things happen to them that I can’t even comprehend. They make my stuff seem like Band-Aids and skinned knees. So I don’t want to be saying, ‘Cheer up!’ Some stuff sucks,” he confessed.


Despite this, though, he went on to admit that though he had this mindset, he was not immune to the shadows of depression and often struggled in that aspect to be a positive light. “I’m known as a guy who makes lemonade out of lemons, but I was out of the lemonade business. I can’t do this anymore, I can't,” he tragically stated.


“But then I realized that I have to take every step one at a time now, and that slows life down. You have more time that way. Every step is a new adventure. I could fall down, not fall down, I could go off this way, go backward - who knows?” he said.


The now 57-year-old actor finished by discussing his valiant efforts to fund new research to find a cure for those struggling with Parkinson’s disease. “After I’m gone, if I had something to do with [finding a cure], that would be great,” he finished.

Please keep him in your continual thoughts and prayers.

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