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Middle School Teacher’s Job Threatened After Making Pancakes For Students

April 17, 2018

Kyle Byler was an eighth-grade teacher at Hand Middle School in Pennsylvania before he was suspended without pay on April 10. Mr. Byler was placed on leave after assistant Principal Marian Grill approached him in his class to ask why he was making pancakes for his students.

The Pennsylvania System of School Assessments (PSSAs) were going on at the time, and Mr. Byler had decided to help reward his students while they worked on the test. He brought an electric griddle into his classroom to make pancakes.

As every student worked on the test, he made them each one whole-grain pancake. His job was placed on the line for supposedly causing a distraction during PSSA testing. Students and parents fought back, hoping to save his job.


Parents of his students have dubbed him the “eighth-grade dad” at the school, and want him to remain at his position, as his students truly love to learn from him. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, there is currently no rule regarding the PSSAs that would prevent the teacher from making pancakes for the students.

In order to make the firing official, the school board would have had to approve it at their next meeting. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday evening at 7 pm. However, Mr. Byler was truly saved at the last moment.

It seems that as word spread about Mr. Byler’s predicament, pressure was placed on the school board and the school administrators and Mr. Byler will be returning to his classroom on Thursday, April 19.

We’re relieved to be able to say that this story truly has a happy ending. Mr. Byler is the kind of teacher we need in the world today, so we’re glad that he will be remaining in his classroom.


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