Mini Horse Has Rare Form Of Dwarfism. Within Days After His Birth He Becomes An Internet Sensation For All The Right Reasons

September 21, 2017

Horses are some of the most intriguing animals on the planet. Most of them are large and majestic, which is why many people find them to be so beautiful. Shammy, the mini horse, however, is beautiful in a much different way. Shammy catches the attention of everyone he meets because of the fact that he is much smaller than other horses, even other miniature horses. His small stature, however, is made up for with his gigantic personality.

Because of the rare form of dwarfism he was born with, Shammy stands only about 20 inches tall. The tiny pony spends most of his time cuddled up next to his mom whenever she is around. Shammy also loves playing with his toys and even hanging around with the other horses, even if they are a bit taller than he is. The mini pony doesn't even mind when his mom dresses him up in cute outfits.

Shammy has over 5,000 followers on Facebook and his mom has written a book about him. Most of his Shammy's followers can't go more than a day without checking to see if there is a new picture or post about the mini pony. Due to his condition, Shammy might face complications in the future, but for now his mom is only concerned with making the dwarf pony as happy as possible. Needless to say, Shammy is one of the most adorable ponies we have ever seen and we look forward to following his journey for a long time. Watch the video, below, to see Shammy for yourself!

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