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Miniature Stallion Meets Full Grown Horses For The First Time, When They Come Face To Face, Their Reaction Leaves People Speechless

August 28, 2017

Sometimes in life, we all just need a little help from our friends. Friends are often our backbone when times get tough. The great thing is, we can make friends from all different walks of life. Not one person has to be the same as another in order for them to be friends. This is also true when it comes to the animal kingdom. No matter how different they are, animals seem to have a knack for making friends with anyone they meet. This is proven by a young miniature stallion named Pippin when he decides to make friends with some much larger horses.

Pippin loves going out on runs. He needs to get out and stretch his legs and work off some energy every day and his mom is happy to accommodate him. Obviously, Pippin is much smaller than a regular horse but that does not stop him from living life the way a fully grown horse would. Pippin is always on the lookout for people or animals to make friends with and, on this particular day, he sees a herd of large horses having fun in a nearby field. Even though they are much larger than he is, Pippin wants to meet them, so he trots over to the fence to introduce himself.

Pippin arrives at the fence and waits for the horses to notice him. Within moments, one of the horses makes his way over to inspect the little stallion. Close up, the horse is much bigger than Pippin realizes and he isn’t so sure that this is such a good idea. More horses join the first at the fence, eager to see the tiny stallion. Luckily, all of the horses decide to adopt Pippin as their little brother. They all make sure to be gentle with their new sibling and Pippin is so excited to have a brand new group of big brothers and sisters to hang out with. Thanks to the fearlessness of Pippin and the acceptance of his new friends, we all get to witness a beautiful bond as it forms. Watch the video, below, to see the heartwarming encounter.

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