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Alone On The Streets Of New York, Misa Was Starving To Death From An Unknown Ailment. Her Recovery Was Nothing Short Of A Miracle

November 16, 2018

In a city as huge as New York, one is bound to see some heartbreaking things among all the glitter and glam of the bustling metropolis. Homeless people and homeless pets dot the scenery and, for the most part, are virtually invisible to those who pass them every day.

One pitiful pup named Misa had been on the streets for several months when she was finally turned in at a shelter. When veterinarians examined her they were shocked at what they discovered!

Their first red flag was her weight: she tipped the scales at less than 24 pounds and, for a dog of her age and breed, she was seriously underweight. Worse yet, when they offered her something to eat, she was unable to consume any of it.

Misa continued to decline during her time at the shelter, so time was of the essence. It appeared that her condition was critical and further tests were needed to determine the nature of her ailment.

Upon closer examination, veterinarians discovered an obstruction in Misa’s stomach that was preventing her from consuming and digesting food; surgery would have to be performed to relieve the problem. Due to Misa’s poor health, however, surgery would be extremely risky.

Because Misa’s condition was deteriorating every day, they had no choice but to perform the dangerous operation. It was the ailing animal’s only chance to ever recover.

Once they opened her up, the mystery was solved; they had never seen anything like this before and knew they had found the cause of Misa’s distress. Inside the poor pup’s stomach were several bundles of rope that, somehow, she had consumed.

No one knows why she may have done it, but perhaps she was so desperate for food, she resorted to filling her belly with anything she could find!

The doctors quickly removed the foreign substance from Misa’s stomach and closed her up, hoping that she was not too far gone to be able to recover from the ordeal. Misa’s rehabilitation was slow and painful, but her determination pushed her to improve every day.

As their patient grew stronger, the people at the shelter began to start thinking about where Misa would go from there.

Before Misa had even completed her rehabilitation process, a family fell in love with her and committed to adopting her once she was ready to be released.

What a wonderful turnabout for this beautiful girl! It’s hard to imagine that, just a few short weeks earlier, this same pup was in danger of losing her life.

Now, thanks to the dedication of the compassionate workers at one New York shelter, Misa is back on her feet and on her way to a wonderful life in a home full of people who will make sure she never has to suffer that way again.

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