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Mischievous Bird Drives Owner Crazy When It Figures Out How To Mimic His Ringtone

February 02, 2018

Cockatiels make wonderful pets for the average person. Their wonderful little personalities and ability to mimic sounds can be a constant source of joy for the people who love them.

Unfortunately for one person, their bird, Lucky, has figured out a wonderful way to tell the world when he’s upset. If he is bothered, he’ll happily sing a little song for his owners.

Whenever Lucky’s owner starts to tie his shoes and get ready to leave the house, Lucky begins to mimic his owner's ringtone! It seems to me that Lucky has learned how to mimic the alarm that always results in his owner's leaving.

It’s so adorable watching him mimic the ringtone, that it’s almost impossible not to smile. One thing that is impossible, however, is to not at least smile when you see it!