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Mischievous Cat Enlists Nervous Canine Accomplice For A Top Secret Mission. Surprisingly, The Hilarious Job Goes Off Without A Hitch

March 02, 2018

We’re all familiar with the popular old saying, “When the cat's away, the mice will play.” Well, this very scenario happened, but it involved a cat and her nervous canine accomplice. The two were aimlessly perusing through the house and assumed they were all alone.

The cat got a sneaky look on her face as she peered around the corner. When she noticed the coast was clear, she quietly scampered towards the kitchen. The dog happened to see her stealthy moves and curiously followed along.

The cat had a plan, and nothing could stop her. When she saw the dog was along for the ride, that gave her just the confidence she needed to complete the task!

There, behind the pantry doors, sat the tantalizing cat treats that she sparingly receives for being a good girl. Now that the humans are away, nothing can stop her from getting her paws on the entire pack.

She ever so carefully began to pull at the bottom of the pantry doors while the dog nervously paced back and forth behind her. He didn’t fully trust the mission, but he was too deep in to escape.

After tedious maneuvering, the cat miraculously was able to open the door just wide enough for her to slink inside and devour the mouth-watering treats! Whether or not she shared with her canine counterpart, we’ll never know. Check out the hilarious mission in the video below!


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