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Mischievous Dog Isn’t Allowed On The Couch. What She Does To Bend The Rules Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

February 27, 2018

Dogs can often be a lot like children. They have a mind of their own, and while they try to stick to the rules (most of the time!), they find the perfect way to skirt around them in the most hilarious ways.

They want to be just like the adults and get to do everything they do, so it goes without saying that when they’re told the word, “No,” they take it to heart. Lexie is an adorably stubborn pooch who has the most mesmerizing puppy dog eyes you’ll ever see.

Her owner told her she was forbidden to jump up onto the couch because she has allergies. Lexie doesn’t quite agree with her owner’s rules. She wants to obey, but she also wants to get her way. One afternoon, she concocts a brilliant plan to achieve her way and her owner’s and truly thinks it will go off successfully.

When her owner wasn’t looking, she laid the top half of her body on the couch while keeping her feet on the ground. Just as she attempts to nap, that’s when she gets caught! Check out the video, below, to see the hilariously adorable pooch and her sneaky antics!


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