Miss Kitty Was A Mama In Mourning. When She Took In Another Animals Unwanted Babies Her Owners Were Shocked

September 20, 2017

Missy and Ryan Grant's cat named Miss Kitty was pregnant. One day, they discovered that she had given birth under a neighbor's house. When they found the litter of kittens, they saw that they did not look well. It wasn’t long before they realized the babies would probably not make it. Sadly, the kittens passed away and Miss Kitty had no one to care for.

At the same time, the Grant's dog, Smoochie, had a litter of puppies. Smoochie, however, was not cut out to be a mother. She barely paid any attention to her poor puppies and would walk all over them. Then, one day, the puppies disappeared!

How did five puppies just up and disappear? When Missy asked her neighbors she discovered the unbelievable truth! Her neighbor explained that she heard a puppy screaming repeatedly and went to the door to investigate. That is when she witnessed Miss Kitty stealing Smoochie's puppies! She watched the feline mama carry a puppy in her mouth and place it inside the insulation under a trailer. Then the lonely mother cat went back and got another and another, until they were all under the trailer.

When Missy found them she had to cut the insulation to get the newly formed family out from under the trailer. She moved them to a safer location and then she saw something amazing take place. Miss Kitty began to nurse the hungry pups as though they were very own kittens!

Thinking that Miss Kitty just needed a new kitten to love on, Missy called a news reporter so that she could get the word out about her cat’s situation. At the end of their segment, the station posted Missy’s contact info so that if anyone had an orphaned kitten, they could reach out to her. Sure enough, she received a phone call from a man who had found abandoned kittens. After working out the particulars, he agreed to bring them to Missy.

Miss Kitty welcomed the helpless kittens with open paws! Missy thought that since she had her own kind to care for again, Miss Kitty would leave the puppies alone; she was wrong! Miss Kitty would not let the puppies return to their irresponsible mom. Miss Kitty just has a very large mixed family now!

This is such a beautiful story of interspecies love! Miss Kitty teaches all of us that we can love and care for others, even if we once saw them as our enemy. Watch the video, below, to see this sweet family's story.

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