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Meghan Markle Warned To Dismiss Royal Baby Tradition! And Truth Be Told, She’s Considering Going Rogue

March 28, 2019

Any day now and we’ll be meeting Baby Sussex! While the world gears up for another Royal baby debut, one woman is making it her mission to warn mum-to-be, Meghan Markle.

Chelsea Hirschhorn, founder of Fridababy, wrote Meghan Markle an open letter and published it in The New York Times warning the first time mom of all that she is about to endure. In her letter, Hirschhorn refers the iconic baby debuts had by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you know exactly the debuts that the author is referring to: Just hours after baby arrives, the new moms are made up into photoshoot worthy ensembles before heading down the hospital steps for what turns into one of the most organized press shoots of the year.

Hirschhorn writes, “ the tradition of royal mothers emerging with their newborns to be photographed expects women to be ‘radiant’ despite the stress they have been under.” But Hirschhorn urged Meghan to “keep it real” so “mothers don’t have unrealistic expectations of the immediate aftermath of giving birth.”

She went on to warn the new Duchess of the well thought out plan that her PR team has, saying She said: “I assume that, like your princess predecessors, you’ll be expected to parade outside of the hospital in front of throngs of photographers to show off your new bundle of joy shortly after giving birth. You’ll smile, you’ll wave, you’ll be radiant, but between your legs will be a whole different story.”

Given today’s obsession with the Duchess and all things Royal Family related- let’s be honest- its likely that a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with their hour-old baby will be one of the biggest ticketed images of the year.

Hirschhorn continued warning the Duchess of how she believes the tabloids will begin, saying, “Sure your blowout will be perfect for your hospital step photo-op, but people will be opening on all the wrong things - like how soon you will fit into your pre-baby wardrobe - instead of having an honest conversation about what women go through during birth and immediately after. But us mums will know that while you wave from that step you'll be one pair of mesh underwear away from your first post-baby poop (brace yourself)!”

Honestly, I have to say that I really hope Meghan is working with a PR who truly wants the best for Meghan and Baby Sussex, not the tabloids. Those moments are so intense and to exploit them for the “best image of the year” would be so very difficult. I pray Meghan has a private time with just herself and Harry and Baby Sussex. The world can wait.

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